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For eighteen-year-old Kennedy Alberhill survival in a collapsing world hinges on three rules: First, don’t get caught in the blue rain. Second, don’t let the Neons infect you, and third, don’t ever let your guard down.

As the storms rage and the stakes continue to rise, Kennedy is forced to make a desperate decision she never thought possible — trust a Neon.

Rule number three just became rule number one.

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I write in Boise, Idaho, trying to live a normal life while chasing words and crafting stories that matter.

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Family Vine
By: Catherine Olaso

“Do you hear that?” Shae nudged Keane outside the lab door. Cyrosuits were unnecessary on the verdant planet, the atmosphere and terrain comparable to Earth’s. Still, she felt cagey around the bizarre flora that overran the planet’s mountains, valleys and rock faces.

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The right word is the difference between magic and not. After all, every writer knows that words are just words until you bring them to life.
The Writer's Heart Published: Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 1:17:45 PM I like to think of writers as having two kinds of hearts. The first, like most people’s, beats a steady tempo of life throughout the body, while the second claims a cadence more profound to us “artistic types.” We cannot live without it, for this aesthetic heart syncs to the rhythm of our souls and provides the lifeblood of our very being. Read More »